This is growing Up…


A bit of a “lifestyle” post today – figured I’d venture away from just parenting – and tell you all a little tale of me.
If you knew me in my teen years you’d know that my major hobby was movies, and to a
lesser extent as I left my teen years, and into young adulthood – television. I would buy the sets as they came out, and as my knowledge on how to “gain them without purchase” I would then burn them to DVD to watch at a later stage. I had so many shows like this it was able to fill folder after folder of fairly sizeable DVD/CD cases.

I had many DVD’s still in their original case (once kids came into the picture, and our house was filled with their stuff) put into storage into cardboard boxes – unlikely to see the light again (or until we get a bigger house, but with the current situation, that is unlikely to be for many a years to come).
I had seen recently that a friend on Facebook had taken all of their movie DVD’s and put them into folders just like I had with my (non purchased) TV shows, so I thought to myself, it was time I did the same thing. I went to one of the main stores
that Adelaide has, and found what I was after, but was shocked at the price ($18 for a
CD/DVD folder)!! It was later brought to my attention, that this was the going rate for
such a product, and maybe I am starting to show my age in thinking “I’m not paying for
I came home, and in going through some of the shows that I had downloaded – while I
admit, they are quality shows (including the likes of Nurse Jackie, Californication, and
Weeds, just to name a few), they were shows that I can’t see myself ever sitting down and
watching again. They existed in both a timeline of its own era – the early to mid “naughties” and also in my own era of my mid twenties. I did not have children, and I was either not married, or just married when I was watching them. I watched them religiously then – but they also ended at the same time my enjoyment for them did too. I felt it was time for me to let go of this phase in my life. I then did something surprised myself, I threw them out. I started getting rid of this tv collection that I had spent years amassing, watching – and obsessing over, in order to make room for those movies to go into those cases.

I’ve since then gone through and thrown out piles of items that I have not used in years, and admittedly should not have bought in the first place. While there are still a few things that I’m yet to part with – that my wife will probably tell you was a waste of money – and that I was never going to use them – they reflect who I am now, and I’m sure in five years, when I am forty,  I’ll be throwing all that stuff out too – I just hope we have that bigger house by then!

As always, thanks for reading.


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