How Long Will Our Kids Love Us?

Originally posted on old site on 1st May 2018

I make it a note to tell my parents every time I see them now that I love them. Even if it is at the end of the visit – on the way out the door as we hug goodbye – I make sure I say it… now.

I think there was a long stretch of my twenties, where I didn’t say it – and I wish I did – but I’m making up for it now. Why? Because every time my daughter says it to me, my heart melts a bit. I’m sure if my son could speak – he would say it – his reaction to seeing me after even five minutes of absence says that he does. Our visit to the paediatrician recently she noted that he was

I’m holding onto every precious moment that I have with these kids. They are still young enough – and so am I. I’m forever grateful to live in an age where I can simply pull out my phone and video my kids at the age they are – so I can view them at later stages of their life – when they might not love me and their mother so much.

I worry about this even now – but I am touched by a recent event I witnessed. I am lucky enough with my new job to take my time with clients while serving them. One of my clients recently was a guy in his early forties. He had two boys – one was roughly thirteen, the other I’d put at ten or eleven. The younger of the two was very cuddly with his dad – sitting on his lap at times. It makes me thankful that I still have years of love from these two rugrats ahead of me.

Since taking on this role of stay at home dad, I feel like the love I have been receiving from them has strengthened. I have always been quite nurturing when it comes to them, and I’m not afraid to show affection.

I’m forever grateful that I have been lucky enough to have them in my life as well. Some people are not fortunate enough to experience the joy of parenthood.


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