Blogging Ideas

Original Post 11/4/18 on old site


How does one find the ideas of what to write about????

I started blogging early this year – and thought that once I went part time I would

1) Have plenty of time to sit and write, and spill all the idea’s from my brain onto a blank document and would have people knocking at my door to write for them (after a few years of course), and…

2) Have plenty of ideas of what to write about

Well three months in and I’ve done about half a dozen “actual” blogs.

I’ve established a few key problems. One is time management. I’m shit at it, and usually if I’m having a good morning up until about 8.30 with the kids, I’m usually running around, stressing myself out for the next 15-20 minutes before we run off for Kindy for Vivian.

The other is the medium in which I was trying to get my voice across. I was starting with Facebook, and while this page is still open, I have just 32 followers on there, they are all personal friends from my personal Facebook page (well at least 27 or so). Today, I have just bang on 250 on Twitter, and I don’t believe any of them are personal friends who know me in person. I prefer this – as I feel I can open up to strangers – more than I can with people I know personally.

In the coming months I will be posting like this more regularly – on my new site. I do hope some of you are reading this. I plan on opening up more to you all – just finding the ideas of what to write about is the key issues! I look forward to continue to read your blogs also (as many as I can at least) – and continuing to grow my own.

I’ve bought myself a few notebooks, that I usually have one on me at all times now. Any time I have an idea – I pop it in the book. What do you all do for inspiration, or to get ideas? Drop me a line on the tweet I’ve tagged this post in – or if you have come across this website – check me out on Twitter – as this is my primary social media now.

Thanks for reading, and hope you all have a great day and life!


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