Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Since joining the world of blogging – which has helped me reinvigorate my passion in writing – I have seen many men in the same boat as I am – in the role of a stay at home dad. Thankfully this is becoming more commonplace, but we still make up a minority of households.

There were a few variables that led to me taking on this role in the first place.

Firstly, it was needed. Our daughter was starting kindergarten (amazingly she is going into third grade in 2022) someone needed to be the one to drop her off at 9, and pick her up at 3. My wife and I were both working practically full time – and as my job was lower pay – it was decided that I would be the one to step down.

Secondly, and mainly I’m also (without sounding too braggy sorry) much better when it comes to doing housework; cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. I believe this stems from how I was raised. For quite a while, this same scenario played out in my own childhood. My mother has the same career that my wife does now, and it pays quite well. Well enough that my dad too worked part time on and off for a lot of my childhood. It was he who would make lunches in the morning – drop me off at school, and pick me up after, as well as many other jobs around the house.

I look to the way he raised me in the way I will raise my own children. However, god forbid if they ever want to follow any sporting – that was sadly one thing that I never got into as I was a child. It is one of my regrets that I never embarked on anything in sporting as a child. I was never the biggest child – and as an adult I still am not (I’m barely 5’4). I will happily sit and watch a game of football or cricket with others, I know enough about both that I can adapt to my environment – but I am far from a fan of either.

A few weeks ago I was doing the dishes as my wife was playing one of her video games. I’ve never really been a fan of video games – possibly due to being born in the early 80’s – I was in my mid-teens before all the popular games, and consoles came out. My teens I was more interested in watching movies, and growing my (then VHS) movie collection. This too I have grown out of. That night we both joked about how much the roles are reversed in our household. I’m fine with this. I’m proud to be such a homebody.

I’ve only had a small amount of negativity towards me taking on this role. I thought I would be offended, but as they are people who don’t know me personally, I am not. I’m happy to challenge the typical household dynamic, and with it gender stereotype. I have two little people who love me more than anything, and I wouldn’t change that one bit.

Thanks for reading!


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