Why we Blog?


Originally Posted on 15th June 2018

Why do we blog? Or Vlog? (Maybe one day – but no one wants to see this ugly mug on their computer screen. I’ll stick to writing my thoughts for the time being to save you all from that).

The main reasons I have started this page is I want to get the message out there to other dads that it is okay to take this role. Thankfully I am not the only dad I know in this role, I know several guys in this role too. Some are like me, only able to do it part time due to having to still work part time for an income, others are thankfully able to work from home, and can do it full time.

The other more recent development, is due to my son, as you can find in my ‘We’re on this Journey Together’ posts. Part 2 coming in the next week. In short, we are in the process of getting him checked for Autism. A tough situation, but I hope in the long term, I can reach out to other parents who have the same concerns about their own young children.

Also, as a (part time) stay at home dad, I’m also finally using my University degree (to an extent) in the form of writing. It feels like forever ago now that I started (and finished) this part of my life. I began as a “mature age” student at the ripe old age of 21 WAAAAAAAAAY back in 2004, and completing in 2008. I’ve spoken to real current mature age students lately who are in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s – who have far much more energy and motivation to study than I did back then. I don’t ever feel like this is a life I could get back into, especially not at the moment due to current situations.

My Uni degree was based on writing – and children’s literature. I had the intention back then to go on to do a teaching degree as well, but at the eleventh hour I decided against it. As the years went on, I let this fall by the wayside along with my reading. After kids came into the picture, this became increasingly more difficult. Even finding time to sit and read a book is tough on the best of days. Most of the time I am writing these posts, it is usually when I get up at 5am, or once the kids are in bed.

I’ve made it a necessity now that I need to write a post at least once a week. At the present there are under 240 of you kind soles following me on Twitter, so I need to keep you folk wanting more. Also, if I can help others in the same situation as me, then I have done what I intended.

If I could set myself an unrealistic goal with this blogsite (including my Twitter and Facebook) – I would love to get paid to write one day. Just enough to make paying for this site profitable will suffice. I like my current job enough that I do not really want to give it up. One can dream.

Thanks for reading.

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