Why Did I get a Vasectomy?



Not long after the birth of our second child, our son – my wife and I made the serious decision for me to have a Vasectomy. We had tossed it in the air about having baby number three later down the track, but we ultimately decided at the time that two kids was enough for us. People around us had more. My brother has three. My cousin has five. Two was our magic number. Plus, we had a boy and a girl which was the pigeon pair (a term by the way, I hadn’t heard of until we had a boy and a girl – and I’ve made sure I’ve used it myself now to those who I speak to who are expecting the same).

One of our main reasons for me to get the snip instead of my wife getting her tubes tied during/after the birth of our son was a medical one. It would have been far easier for me to get this done myself, and there would have been far less risks, during the procedure, and recovery/healing. Now this is a personal medical issue that I won’t go into detail.

Once I had decided to get the procedure done, it was actually pretty basic and easy – and financially it was not overly painful either. Thanks to Australian private health who kicked in most of the payments. I have read some other gents’ blogs who have mentioned that it is not that easy for them, and I empathise with them on this.

My first Dr visit was to my GP, who I had been seeing for about 10 years at this point. He too, a dad of two, understood my reasoning. There was little fight back, I knew what I wanted. I was in my early thirties, and had all the kids I wanted. He gave me a referral to an urologist – who I met with for a short meeting a few weeks before the surgery. He too gave no fight back, of ‘are you sure’ – and a few weeks later I had the surgery done. He was mind you the funniest 60ish year old surgeon I had met – and gave me what I needed to have done in the thirty days after surgery (with or without my wife’s help).

It’s been almost two years since I have had the procedure done, and my opinion of it remains the same, if not stronger. Two children for my wife and I was more than enough. I will continue to let you in on my personal life, especially with that of my son – and this will give you a better understanding of why this procedure was right for us. I will be quite vehemently pro getting a vasectomy if you are able to. While I can only give you my version of how/why I got it. I can’t give an opinion on how these Dr appointments might differ in other countries, or even the cost. It is also, as I have put it quite frankly taking one for the team for your partner. My wife went through enough with the birth of both our kids. It was my turn to make a sacrifice with my body.

To be a bit sooky for a moment. I love my wife. I love her as much as I did the day we had our son, if not more. I don’t imagine not loving her – but if a time comes where we don’t love each other – and we have new partners, who want kids – I don’t know if I have it in myself to be one of those middle aged dad’s. Let’s just hope this is a life situation that never becomes.


2 thoughts on “Why Did I get a Vasectomy?

  1. My husband did it willingly not wanting any accidents. He had to wait a little while, maybe because he was childless, and he did get pushback from doctors. I convinced the doctor it was the right thing to do for us; I didn’t want children either. This can be a huge point of contention for many couples, to have (any or more) or not.


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