Last week we took a mini getaway for a few nights. We live in such an amazing part of the world that we have so many fantastic getaway spots just a few hours drive from our doorstep. We live in Adelaide South Australia for those who don’t know me personally.

This time we went to the Yorke Penninsula, where we were able to drive to amazinge beaches on the Copper Coast in a little over an hour. We also got amazing weather – with temps in the high 30s (C) which is high 90’s in F.

Holidays for us have sometimes presented a challenge – as our night routine at home is somewhat challenging. At home we are in our own space and environment, so any challenges we face we are able to do in the privacy of our own home. In another place like a motel or hotel, we are in a new environment, and gone is the familiar territory.

Little man can struggle with this at times, and respecting his privacy ‘some situations’ that occur at home that are shrugged off by mum and dad later on, are hard to deal with at the time even on home turf. This can be completely stressful when in a new environment. For this we have to co sleep with him to avoid this when away. There are even the occasional nights where we co sleep at home too.

Holidays for neurotypical families are relaxing, fun and a way to re-energise and refresh themselves. Holidays for us families of neurodivergent, while still fun, we still face the same situations we have at home, just in a new environment. One thing I need to focus more on this year is embracing the fun!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay safe!


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