Movie Review – Home (2015)

Home (2015)

Dir: Tim Johnson

Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Matt Jones, Jennifer Lopez

From Dreamworks, comes this adorable story about a group of aliens called the Boov, led by their captain (Martin) as they land on earth. They are on the run from the villianous Gorg, who has been chasing them to destroy them. In taking control of earth, they kidnap mankind and put all humans in a fun place called Happy Town in Australia.

When one of the Boov, the haphazard Oh (Parsons) accidentally sends an (email) invitation to a party – that will land at the Gorg’s computer withing a few days. Angered by his incompitence he is banished from their comunityy, and is set to arrest on capture.

Now on the run, Oh meets Tip (Rihanna), a girl who has somehow missed being captured, and is dessperate to get back to her mum (Lopez), and teams up with Oh to cancel his email, and reunite Tip with her mum.

Nice story, which is easy enough to follow, with plenty of laughs for  and typically tugs at the heartstrings with the human strained relationships. All the voice cast do a terrific job, and the character of Oh was practically written for Parsons (who made this in his Big Bang fame days). Plenty of main voice star’s Rihannas own archive of songs support the story. Rihanna’s Tip incedentally is the first black protagonist in a Dreamworks film.

Very little to complain about here, from frequent Dreamworks director Johnson.

A great watch, our family highly recommends. My daughter gives it ten fingers up out of five.



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