Bloggers I Admire

Bloggers I admire

Last month I reopened my WordPress account and am slowly getting back into writing again. I have about a dozen or so blogs either in development or ‘an idea’ to build on to add to it. I wasn’t even aware this account still existed with all my past blogs, so to get it back was pretty relieving.

This year I have a little bit more time on my hands now, working the same amount of hours I have been for the past few years while now having no children home during the day, which is a new experience. I COULD spend most of my days off cleaning up after two kids, but I could also use that time to make this hobby of mine – writing and reading – more worthwhile.

I’ve started to read more other people’s blogs too, and trying to build my reputation up again as someone who is actively engaging in other people’s work. I still think I have some improvement needed on this to be more active in my reading of others’ blogs, commenting on them, and sharing on my social media. 

I admire those bloggers who blog almost daily, and about all aspects of their lives. I still strive to be better and more like this, but I still have some anxieties and trepidation about posting so much. This is something I will try to overcome if I ever want to truly make any sort of career or income out of this.

I think once (or if) my audience grows, I may overcome this. Currently, the majority of my audience is either family or close friends. I’m much more comfortable with putting my feelings and words to total strangers than I am those who I know. Not having that personal relationship with readers, makes it easier for me to write from the heart.

One blogger who I admire in this is Rob Gorski, from The Autism Dad. He has some terrific blogs, and he is also a special needs parent like myself.


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