School Holiday’s in Adelaide

Short post today.

Its school holidays here in Adelaide at the moment, and that means kids are home for two weeks. For those who DON’T live in Australia, our terms work somewhat different to those in the northern hemisphere.

Our school year starts at the beginning of the year (since that is our summer) – and is broken up into four- ten week terms – with two week breaks in between each of them. We are currently at the end of the first week of holiday of term one.

I for one am enjoying the school holidays, not only for the fact I get to spend a bit more time with my kids, but I also get a bit of a break from the daily chore of making school lunches and  running two kids off to two separate schools.

We’re off for a short getaway next week; we try to do that at least once every school holidays, more so in term one school holidays as it is at the same time as our daughters’ birthday. This year little miss turns seven. It’s always good to have a break from life, to wake up in a different place, and to just unwind a bit.

Looking forward to the break! Hope you are all safe and well in your part of the world.


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