It would be remissive of me not to post about the goings on in the world. As of 9am as I write this, on Sunday the 22nd of March, 2020 there have been over 250,000 cases, and over  10,000 deaths. The world is going into chaos, with countries shutting their boarders, strict social distancing is happening in all corners of where we spend our daily lives – even the supermarkets are putting measures in place so we do not come into close contact with each other. My gym has closed down several machines as they are too close to one another for this rule.

Other countries have put into place things such as closing down schools (we in Australia have yet to do this) and even quarantine or lockdown – a frightening thought to go through in this day and age. Within the last few weeks most of the world has gone from being vigilant of this crisis, to the panic mode – with supermarkets across the world struggling to keep up the demand of shopping habits that were not planned for or prepared for.

In the last week or so I have started saying things like, ‘stay safe’ to end conversations – just in regards to living our lives. It seems like a scary thought, but ultimately it is a realistic avenue that we are living through.

In the last few days I have begun to seriously social distance myself from others as well. I’m usually happy to shake hands with anyone – probably the most physical contact I can really withstand. I am not much of a hugger, and really only engage in it when the situation calls for it. I have begun to decline handshakes now (only really from one person, but that was because he appeared he had not showered since 2005).

I want to wish you all health and safety out there. Please stay safe. Stay vigilant.


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