International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s day. The day was established in 1975,and variances of the day has been recognised as far back as 1910.

I have for as long as I have known been surrounded by women. From school, the eight years of reception through to year seven, six of those were women – I barely remember any of the classes I took in high school, but I believe the ratio there was more 50/50.

In the twenty years I have been working, more or less my direct line manager has almost always been a female. I have also grown up in a house where I was taught how to respect women and that has paid off in my own personal life, as I have now been married for over ten years, and have a beautiful daughter of my own.

Now as a stay at home dad (still with a part time job to get me out the house and to save my sanity… seriously working is WAAAAY easier!) I can show my son and daughter the same respect for women as my dad taught me.

While if you are a wife, mum, daughter, aunt, sister, grandma, niece (but not nephew) – today is for you.

Have a great day ladies, thank you for being part of our lives.


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