10 Year Anniversary

Today my wife and I celebrate our TEN year wedding anniversary.

It’s amazing to think we have hit this milestone, as it does not feel like we have been married this long (it also means we are getting older!) For my family it was one of the last times many of our relatives were in Adelaide at one time.

So many memories have occurred in these ten years of marriage (and over 16 years together overall). A few overseas holidays, purchased a house (although we had owned it together prior to being married, we did the traditional act of not moving in together until after we were married), and now parents to two wonderful children who amaze us every day.

We have seen some amazing highs during our marriage, and been dealt some blows as well.  We have worked hard to get through these, and continue to love one another within our union.

While I am no saint, I do have my faults – and if I can impart any wisdom to my readers who may be new to the marriage game. Just listen (I will heed my own advice as I am one that fails in this department a bit – so something for me to work on too).

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a great day.


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