First Blog Back

Hi everyone, and welcome to my very first blog for a LONG LONG TIME.

Besides the odd movie review I have posted over the past year, I let my subscription expire on my website, and fiscally it was sent to the bottom of the pile, so I have only really recently renewed it. I will in the next few weeks aim to find some time to make it a bit more personable in regards to pictures etc – but for now it will remain the custom design it is.

I am also slowly growing my YouTube channel, but that does involve me getting out of my comfort zone, and recording them. Both my terrible anxiety, and low self esteem effect this somewhat, so they have been fairly ordinary. I will continue to make them, and their main content will be about Tobias’ ongoing care – with my writing – which is my main passion – I can be more open and fluid. I can also sit here in pyjamas with bed hair in the early hours of the morning, and not have to try to have my YouTube ready voice, face, hair etc. I’m also my own worst critic, I definitely think I have  face for radio, and don’t even think I have a voice for radio – despite the years of my Woolies colleagues asking me to do their PA calls because I was so good at them… where did THAT voice go??

Today is Monday, and after doing BOTH kid drop off for their schools, I have a solid 5 hours to myself to do whatever I like. Having two small children living in my house I use it to clean. I honestly am genuinely excited by my hours to myself to clean. I can get so much done in a small space of time, which I can’t get done with them around.

I will talk more about Tobias at kindy in a later YouTube video – I will try to make time to sit and write more with regards to life – where we are now – how Tobias is going etc. My main critique I have on myself is I don’t read enough myself – so if you have gotten to the end of this blog, please drop me a line of something you think I should read and then comment on. I’d love to get back to reading again, it’s something I have lost over the years, and desperately want to get back to.

Thanks for reading, wishing you all a pleasant week in wherever you are in the world.


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