I’m The Worst Type of Blogger

Like most people in society – I am my own worst critic. It has taken me a lot of courage to start writing things about my life. At often times I feel like that I am oversharing and that the world does not need to know all these finite details of my life. But another part of me also wants my story to get out there so one day I might be able to help others – which I reference quite a bit throughout my videos and my blogs. It has taken me even more courage to start my videos. I am not the biggest fan of my appearance and voice – so thanks to you all out there who have taken the time to watch them.

I was given a very lovely compliment the other day about my writing by a fellow ‘video blogger’ – which really made my day. I have always had a strong affinity for reading and writing that this feedback was just what I needed to hear. I will drop her Facebook link in the bottom of this blog.

What I am not doing well at the moment in regards to my blogging, is giving my fellow bloggers the attention that I myself am seeking. I very rarely read others blogs – I am very time poor in this regards, primarily due to a fairly hectic schedule with life, kids and work. I realise that this is a problem area that I will have to try to rectify.

I am also not very good at keeping track of ‘blog views’. I see so many people on my Twitter talk about how many views they have had this month, or week etc – but I have never really found that this is relevant. I have always briefly checked out these view sizes – usually after I have just posted something (and this seems to be when I get the most foot traffic). But perhaps I should keep more of an eye on this, especially if this hobby would ever generate a second income.

Speaking of this subject – I am quite the novice when it comes to this issue – is this one of those subjects we dare not discuss? I would love some feedback on this in the comments section below – and in the next few days I might even put a Tweet out to find out if this is

I am going to start trying to read more of your posts going forward, and comment on them. We all love positive feedback, and to reaffirm that what we are doing is reaching a wider audience and making a change in people’s lives.


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