Writers Block

As part of my writers group here in Adelaide (please check the comments section of this post to find one of my fellow Adelaidian’s post on his website), we have started a monthly topic to add to our own individual blogs and websites. My first foray into this was my post on Adelaide itself – I missed last months, primarily due to the fact I have not sat down to write a single word in nearly two months. I am not sure if this is writers block, or just due to the fact life has become fairly hectic in the last couple of months, I have not had time to sit down and write. As I write this post – it is a relatively warm 8 degrees outside at 6am. I’m up a bit later that I normally get as well.

Ironically this months’ topic of conversation is writers block. Exactly the problem I am facing! I think I have some good content to put to words – currently I have 7 blog posts I am working on but each of them have less than 100 words written in them, and I know in the far recesses of my mind I have hundreds of words that I can put to these – but part of me is unable to sit and write them. I think the ideal word count of a blog post should be no more than 600-700. I feel that I can engage an audience with this – without repeating myself, or boring my audience.

I also partially blame winter on my lack of writing. It has been cold and dark in the mornings, and this is usually the time I have to myself without the adult responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning and being dad. Now that we are going into spring, we have daylight at 6am, and it is finally starting to warm up in the mornings. That being said, I am still sitting next to my heater to keep warm.

I have even been working on this very post for over three weeks. I have been lately finding I am making excuses for not writing. I am too busy, tired – no one will read it, and that it is only a hobby, I’m not making money off of it!

Is it fear that no one will read it? Like it? I also have some fairly sensitive, and personal topics to discuss, so am I oversharing? The older I get, the more reserved I have become, I barely post anything on my personal Facebook page anymore, in the last 6 months I think I can count on one hand the posts I alone have done, and even they were Happy Birthdays/Mothers Day/Fathers Day. This probably doesn’t bode well if I plan to be a real blogger.

As term 3 ends in our South Australian school year, a couple of activities will end (with the kids timetable) – so this might free up some time I have, that I can put back into my writing. We also have a small getaway booked in just over a week, so I am hoping to recharge the batteries and get back into my writing!

As always, thanks for reading, and I look forward to sitting down and getting some more writing done – who knows I might even start on that novel idea that is floating in my mind soon!


5 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Hey Ryan, good to see you back in the game this month for our blog chain. : ) That was an interesting question you posed about oversharing. Most of the time, by sharing snippets from your personal journey there is bound to be someone out there that can relate to what you are going through. If and when they give feedback, it can inspire you to keep on writing, even if the topic can be slightly uncomfortable. But I sympathise; I too have had massive writers block these past two months–though I do know what has caused it. If in your case it’s more about routine, check out – https://goinswriter.com/my500words/


  2. Great post Ryan & I sometimes wonder whether our busy lives & that struggle to find the time to write can lead to writer’s block, so it’s a very valid question to raise & ponder. May you get back into your writing routine very soon.


  3. Great post 🙂 Writer’s block is so scary and I agree it’s more difficult to motivate yourself on dark cold mornings! I have followed your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts!


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