Well here we are folks – it is just about August, it is officially past half way through the year, and in just over a months’ time, those damn Christmas decorations will be up on the shelves in stores… well in Australia at least. I often wonder if other countries are as premature as we are about putting decorations on shelves – I quite admire the American way of life in this aspect. First you get through Halloween, then Thanksgiving then you have Christmas to deal with.

This post is all to do with my August goals, not just online, but also with my personal life. Personally I have been trying to look after my health again, I have been starting to work out in the mornings again. Not crazy exercising, I have neither the time nor the willpower to get myself to a gym again. I tried it earlier in the year and managed to get there once a week. Not enough to pay for itself, so I think I have given up on doing that again. Slowly the mornings are getting slightly warmer as we creep out of winter, and into spring. Part of this is due to wanting keep healthy, but also as I am turning 35 next month, it is getting harder to do as I get older. I might not always look or feel (or act) my age – but every now and then I do have the reminder that I’m getting closer to 40 than 30 – and I have begun to wonder where that time has gone.

I have also got to start changing some things in my diet – once again – things that I could do and eat 10 years ago is slowly and sadly catching up with me. To help with this, I have started to cut out things– like alcohol (I am no longer drinking at home, unless I have guests over) – I did have a few while on holidays recently,. I have almost cut out energy drinks entirely out of my diet, I used to drink at least one a day, and sometimes one of those were the 500ml ones (sorry to my USA followers, unsure of the conversion there)… no way in hell I am cutting out coffee.

In terms of my online following I have very low expectations here. Currently I’m sitting at just over 300 followers on Twitter. I feel obligated to you all who do follow me there to write more frequently. You all took the time to hit follow, and I need to make that up to you to continue to write my content.


On Instagram I have just shy of 50, and 5 people are subscribed to this blogsite. I would be grateful to get to get to 350 on Twitter, 75 on Insta and 10 blog followers. I have been sitting in the mid 30 followers on Facebook since I started this online journey, it is where I began it, but I do not really see that number growing too much, and I’m not really pushing it that much either. I was tempted to close it at one point, but a good friend from a few years ago – who I have not spoken to in many years (life does that from time to time) reached out and let me know how much she was enjoying my writing and how I was getting my words out there – especially when it came to my son. It was just what I needed to hear at a time I needed to hear it.

I am happy where I currently sit with my career, if anything I would like to be able to work less to focus on the family and the house. But at the same time I want to work more – for the last 10 years or so I have worked above full time hours, and I still feel an obligation to my employer… that is just my overthinking coming to play. I will likely be up for a step up in position in store – which is basically going from a beginner role to intermediate role. There will be no extra responsibilities, but there will be extra money, which is always a good thing!

Kids wise, miss 4 is back at Kindy we will have to push her a bit harder these next two terms to make way for reception next year. Cannot believe my little girl will be a school girl. Does not seem right or fair that she has to grow up. Can she just stay little forever (and can we all just stay young forever???) Nah scratch that, just pause this moment in life forever – I’m at happy at the moment, wish it could stay like this.

For Mr 2, we are set for our first lot of speech development, due to start this week coming. We still have not had our interview for our funding for this yet – which I am not surprised at in the least – and more annoyed about than anything as well. I will hopefully write and post ‘Journey part 3’ in the next month or so.

That is it folks. What is your goals for August, be in personal, professional, online or even with your writing (I might try and start that book this month… “might”). Drop a comment in the comment section!


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