In Review #2


I’ve been a bit quite the last couple of weeks. Life has been a bit busy due to working a bit extra. It is school holidays here in South Australia and as my wife is a school teacher, she has been able to be with the kids a bit more. Thankfully this has given me a bit of a break from my usual household duties like cooking and cleaning and laundry. She is back to the grind tomorrow, so that also means that I am too. For those actual full time stay at home parents out there, my hats off to you – I only do this job part time, and it is tough!

To my followers who live here in SA – I hope you have had a great school holiday – if you are either a teacher or parent, hope you had some good family time. We were thankfully able to get away for a couple of nights to Victor Harbor. We had a beautiful stay on Encounter Bay. While it wasn’t an overly long getaway – it was enough to recharge the batteries a bit.

Our stay had a complete Ocean view, the cover photo to this post was the view from our hotel room. Once the kids were in bed, we were able to have some time to enjoy having some chats while enjoying the view.

In the first week of the school holidays we had planned for my parents to watch the kids one night for a few hours so we could get out and have a date night. They then called us before midday and offered to come over 5 hours earlier. We jumped at the opportunity to have almost eight hours just to ourselves. We very rarely get this much time together. Our kids have yet to stay overnight at grandparents’ house as we feel that this is just asking too much with them being so young. Hopefully soon we will be able to have this happen to give us some reprieve.

We were able to on this day – which we timed so well in terms of weather, we got a day of sunshine (the following day – the temp dropped about 7 degrees, and poured with rain all day). We had a picnic in a local park, and went for a drive around parts of Adelaide we had never been before. It was fun just to drive around with no real idea of where we were going. We went for a walk along the beach which followed with a dinner with just the two of us, eating food that wasn’t cold (I would say not cooked by us – but it was a grill restaurant – so we cooked our own).

I have a couple more posts being written at the same time I write – and post this one (in fact I have two more ready to go to post in the next couple of weeks). I feel like I owe it to all (currently) 314 of you who have made the effort to hit follow on me on Twitter. If you like my content, please follow my blog here at

As always, thanks for reading.


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