Adelaide – An Inspired life for writing

Welcome to my first group writing post – the topic inspired by one of my social media groups.

My topic of discussion, is how living in Adelaide inspires me to write.

I look back on where my love for writing stemmed. I have enjoyed reading and writing for most of my life, and I feel it bore itself all the way back in Primary school, or even Junior Primary – where one of my teachers wrote his first book, and is now an acclaimed novelist. He was even on The Book Place (does anyone else remember this show? The one with the worm??) in the early 1990’s. I think this is an advantage of having grown up in the 80’s and 90’s, where reading and writing were more commonplace.

I enjoyed English all through high school, and even did both a Major and Sub Major in University (on my way to what was going to be a teachers degree that I changed my mind about at the eleventh hour – more on that at another time). In one of my classes I was even able to meet a fellow Adeladeian who had written a Fantasy series – and got the first edition of the first novel signed (still waiting on that film adaptation).

These examples made me feel like anything was possible when it comes to my writing – and while I feel like I have an awesome book series floating around in my brain – it is just the time to sit and write that I’m struggling with at the moment. I have told a few of my friends the idea and they all have let me know that it is an idea worth writing – in time I will definitely do this, but if you follow my blog you might understand why now is not a good time.

I am fortunate enough living in Adelaide, that it is such a livable city when it comes to the cost of living that I was able to take a step back in my career, to focus on family, and therefore put in time to build this site, and over the past half a year to write a dozen or so blogs. IfI had lived in any other city in Australia, I don’t think I would have left my last job – let alone stepped back to work part time – so living in Adelaide has most definitely helped with that.

As my son grows (please see my other posts in this matter), I look forward to taking him around the city to show him the sites, and explain the history of our city, and the state. Family days we try to get out at least a little bit with my daughter as well, and next week are planning a small getaway just for the break.

Adelaide is a great place to live – if I didn’t live here – I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to be where I am with this blog. For my overseas readers/followers, if you’re ever planning a trip down under – put Adelaide on the list – plus I’m always open for a beer or coffee.

Please feel free to check out the next blog in our Group     by Dean Mayes




3 thoughts on “Adelaide – An Inspired life for writing

  1. Hey Ryan, I enjoyed reading more about you — that you almost became a teacher. I found it interesting that you attribute to living in Adelaide as the reason you have the freedom to run this blog and it makes me pleased for you. I hope that you get some answers soon with your boy’s progress. Feeling settled on that front will no doubt give you the confidence to pursue the idea of your book series in future. All the best mate.


  2. I love your point about Adelaide being such a liveable city. It is this very quality that allows me to juggle my writing and my nursing. I don’t think I could achieve that balance in any other city.

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