Week in Review #1



Hi there folks. First genuine post in a while – life has been a bit hectic lately and have had very few opportunities to sit and type my musings. I have also come across a stumbling block in finding ideas to write about, that people may enjoy (please feel free to comment in the comments section if you have the same problems from time to time, or even ideas that you would like to see on this site). Little man has been a bit sick, which is doubly frustrating for all as he is not able to tell us how he feels. With last week of school term here, and Mrs. Adelaide Dad been working more than usual this week, and I had a few long days at work myself later in the week, it has been one of those weeks that we are all glad that is (nearly – still have to work tomorrow myself) over. I have decided to “possibly” start a “week in review” of sorts, to at least have some new content on this site at least once a week. So I hereby commence “A week in Review”.

I would like to start by wishing all the teachers in South Australia, a well-deserved happy holiday, as you all go end term two. As my wife is a teacher, we are looking forward to a short getaway during this break ourselves. Very much looking forward to it! It will only be for a couple of nights, but it will be a couple of nights and days away from housework etc.

I had a pretty productive week in the kitchen (believe it or not, it is my kitchen, as I do most of the creative cooking) – where we had a roast pork on one of the nights earlier in the week. If you live in or near the Modbury area in South Australia, check out Mellors Butcher in the Modbury Heights Shopping Center – they do excellent work there, and their quality is fantastic. It cost me less than $20 for 3kg of meat – and I not only made the best crackling I have ever made on night one, I had enough left over the next night to make a curry with the leftover meat (and lunch with that the following day).

On Wednesday night I caught up with a mate I haven’t seen in well over a year. We’ve put it on the back burner for a while, due to work and family. It was good to catch up with this friend, as he is somewhat older than me – I am able to look to him for some life advice. We chatted about all things that have been happening in our worlds (careers – we have both changed since we last saw each other, kids – I mentioned that we are having our son tested for Autism – for which he gave me some possible contacts for review while we are on the waiting list to have him assessed, and I spoke about my new self-appointed stay at home dad role). He made the comment on this title, that ‘stay at home dad’ is the wrong one that I should give myself – it gives itself a disservice – I am his parent. I liked this analogy.

I’ve also decided to cut back on a few unhealthy consumables that I am prone to (namely energy drinks). I’ve been feeling their effects lately and if I don’t cut them out now, it’ll be harder as I get older. I’m also going to try to stop drinking at home again. A few years back I had a bad problem with alcohol addiction, and cut it out completely for a few months. I’ve always known when to say when – but I think that if I do have it at home, it might lead me to old habits.

I hope you all have a great weekend, it is Saturday night here as I finish writing this (and posting) – little man is tucked in bed – the wife is out with her friends – now to enjoy some time with Miss 4.


One thought on “Week in Review #1

  1. Good idea to do a weekly review. It can sometimes be really hard to come up with regular content!
    The new site looks good.


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