Social Media – Twitter v Facebook

Originally Posted on 15th May 2018

Twitter v Facebook and Instagram

Hello readers. I’ve stolen this idea off of one of the people I follow on Twitter, so it is not a direct idea of mine – but in regards to this – finding so many original idea’s to come up with is hard. So if you are reading this, and you have yourself made a post about this very topic – apologies – but I enjoyed your topic enough to put my own spin on it.

I set up my first Adelaide Dad Blog on Facebook a little over a year ago – I left it open for a while, because at the time I was still working full time, and was a mostly domesticated husband and father – so I got very little time to myself to pour my thoughts onto a blank document. At the time, Facebook was the only social media site I was on. I opened up the Facebook page to family and friends who I know. Most of who like my page on Facebook are both family and some of their good friends.

Late last year I set up my Twitter account, and Instagram account near the end of my full time work life – had have since linked up to my Facebook page. Today I hit 175 followers on Twitter – growing daily. I have 35 on Facebook – holding steady for several months. I also have about the same amount of followers on Instagram – even though I have neglected this account, having done one or two posts in the last 3 months.

I have found that growing an audience on Facebook is much harder that growing one on Twitter – while I haven’t submitted to Promoting a post or tweet on either medium – I have found that finding other likeminded people like me on Twitter much easier, a surprising fact because Facebook has so many more people on it that Twitter. People are more generous to share and like on Twitter – and also with the use of the hashtag, I am able to find those with the same interests as I do.

I have also found myself in recent years becoming increasingly bored with Facebook as a whole – while I post on my Adelaide Dad Blog site almost daily – these posts are actually coming from my Twitter account. I barely even post on my own personal Facebook page, and mainly keep it open to keep informed of what is going on with family and friends. We post photos of the kids etc, to let others see how we are going. I have even kept a fact about one of my kids quiet on there – only really letting people know what’s going on when we see them face to face – and I’ve made exactly one comment on it in one of my posts on my site.

The interaction I have found with those likeminded people I follow on Twitter, and follow me are quite refreshing – as most of them live in other countries such as USA and UK. I’ve found that Twitter is for people who you don’t know personally and wish you did, and Facebook is those who you know personally, but rarely ever see.

I will continue to keep my Facebook page open – only for the fact that I want to continue to let my family and friends of family. I will keep the Insta open too, but rarely will I post to there either.

Ultimately Twitter is my ideal social media platform. Here is where I will continue to post – and hopefully continue to grow my follower base.


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